Tantra massage for men | Body to body massage Abu dhabi

Men are under a lot of pressure from performing, providing and accomplishing. Body to body massage has no complicated goals. Body to body massage by Erotic Massage Abu dhabi gets you receptive. In Body to body massage you first take a nice warm shower which is then followed by a full-body sensual massage to get your mind focused while engaging the pleasure receptors in your body and deepening your conciousness.

Once your body is relaxed by this massage, the spirit is awakened and nourished, Erotic Massage Abu dhabi focuses on the first and second chakra, the male g-spot or prostate gland. We use gentle digital technique for contact with these subtle places with increased receptivity. Along with this expert stimulation goes eye contact and focus to clear any negative imprinting on subconscious.

Despite not sharing this, a lot of men have issues of sexual abuse, rejection or abandonment, which can be accessed through their sexual center. Issues that have something to do with finances, securities and commitment have their place in the mulashara or root chakra, which is located at the base of your spine.

Loving energy of Erotic Massage Abu dhabi mixed with focused intention to bring these centers into harmony help healing wounds from the opposite sex and increase your capability to feel pleasurable sensation.
Body to body massage has a different effect on everyone. Some of the clients of Erotic Massage Abu dhabi experience full-body orgasm, others experience deep emotional release (the signs are tears, laughter or screams), followed by enormous pleasure.

You will be in a safe invironment where you can feel and express whatever needs to come up. It’s an unforgettable loving and spiritual experience.

Orgasm Without Ejaculation
It’s only natural to associate orgasm with ejaculation. And maybe lovemaking has became a race to orgasm. But here in Erotic Massage Abu dhabi we think that the last thing that sex should be is a routine to release tension. In fact, seperate parts of your nervous system activate orgasm and ejaculation. And of course, they usually happen simultaniosly, but they can also be experienced independently. For men it means that prolonged and multiple orgasms are very possible to reach without ejaculation.

Body to body massage by Erotic Massage Abu dhabi allows you to maintain a heightened level of arousal coupled with frequent climaxes and pleasures you probably have never experienced. You will get a clearer image on what is going on inside your body and the way your mind, body, heart and spirit feel.

Once you reach multi-orgamsic states, you will be more emotionally intimate with your partners and total states of pleasure will take you to new levels you never knew existed.