How to Experience Relationship Intimacy the Easy Way

Sensual massage is the new sex. Ok I’m exaggerating a bit ‘ but it’s certainly an experience worth getting right. Most people seem to mke the same mistakes when it comes to sensual massage: They don’t take the time to create a sensual atmosphere They use the wrong oils They don’t use the long key strokes to warm up They don’t use the right techniques for genital massage (and this is important to get right) They don’t know how to use the massage as healing touch and a great way to deepen intimacy

Decide on who will be the giver and who will be receiver. Sit or stand facing each and gently look into his or her eyes ‘ this helps set the stage and gets you in sync with each other. It’s also very relaxing. Each partner should strive to complement the other, make them feel really appreciated. Sensual couple massage is a fun and intimate way to express your feelings and admiration of the other ‘ without getting involved in long discussions and psychoanalysis. It can simply be used for relaxation and sensual pleasure, but it can also be the prelude to more erotic adventures.

Sensual couple massage involves the 5 senses : sight, touch, smell, taste, and sound.

Create an erotic smorgsboard of sensations ‘ use relaxing music, scented candles, chocolate or other nibbles, and slow relaxing touch. Technique is the key. The difference between a sloppy lacklusture affair, and a hollywood extravaganza. Open your mind and use sensual couple massage as a tool not only for pleasure and sensuality, but a great way to relax, heal past hurts, bond with your partner, enhance sensual and sexual sensations, deepen orgasmic capacity, and enjoy a more toned and energized body! To learn more about sensual couple massage and how you can experience more pleasure, intimacy and bliss in your relationship just click on the link.